Divorce Parenting Class

This divorce parenting class offers: 

Completely online divorce parenting class, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Do sections of the divorce parenting class and log out or do the entire class all at once Valuable parenting advice and educational material Free certificate upon completion sent via email 4 Hour certificate, but we have more hours if you need them This divorce parenting class covers:

  • Divorce anger management
  • Co-parenting
  • Divorce stress
  • Parenting Styles
  • How to parenting children between two homes
  • Discipline
  • Co-parenting plans
  • How to get along with an ex-partner
  • Blended families
  • Taking care of yourself and your children in a divorce
  • Transitioning children between homes
  • Conflict resolution
  • How to meet your children's needs during a divorce
  • Setting boundaries
  • Dating and blending new people into your children's lives
  • Respecting your ex-partner as a parent to your child
  • This online parenting class gives you complete freedom to log in and out to complete the class. No schedule, no driving to class, no hassle.

Anyone is welcome to take this parenting class. Whether you are a single parent, married couple, blended family, partners in raising your children making time to attend a live class is inconvenient. We bring a quality parenting class to you in the privacy of your own home.