Divorce Parenting Class

If you are separating or divorcing parents, you have come to the right parenting class. Divorce Parenting Class has a 4 hour divorce parenting class, an 8 hour divorce parenting class and a 12 hour divorce parenting class.

Divorce Parenting Class was designed to be easy, fast and enjoyable. You don't need special software and you don't need to watch boring videos that don't pertain to you and your family. You are already a parent so you know how to parent your children. You just might need some help parenting your children with an ex-partner.

We know you want your certificate fast and we know that you want good, quality service.

Parenting Class Online 4 Easy Steps

Step One

Register for the class.

Step Two

Once you register and pay for the class, you will have your own user name and password to enter and re-enter the course whenever you wish. Log in and out as often as you like to complete your class. You have 30 days to complete your class.

Step Three

Once you login through the member’s area, you will also be given instructions on how to proceed through the divorce parenting class. There are topics with easy to read materials. Or, you can listen to the lessons. At the end of the program, you will take a short exam. You will need to pass the exam with at least an 80% grade. If you don't pass the parenting class the first time, you can take the exam until you do pass.

Step Four

Once you complete the exam, it will be reviewed by Dr. Kathy S. Garber, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. When you pass the exam, your certificate will be prepared and emailed. Certificates are usually reviewed and sent within 24 hours. Most times within hours.

Why wait any longer? Enhance your parenting skills and co-parenting skills today with this easy online parenting class. Click here to sign up for a parenting class right now.

This divorce parenting class offers: Completely online divorce parenting class, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Do sections of the divorce parenting class and log out or do the entire class all at once Valuable parenting advice and educational material Free certificate upon completion sent via email 4 Hour certificate, but we have more hours if you need them This divorce parenting class covers:
  • Divorce anger management
  • Co-parenting
  • Divorce stress
  • Parenting Styles
  • How to parenting children between two homes
  • Discipline
  • Co-parenting plans
  • How to get along with an ex-partner
  • Blended families
  • Taking care of yourself and your children in a divorce
  • Transitioning children between homes
  • Conflict resolution
  • How to meet your children's needs during a divorce
  • Setting boundaries
  • Dating and blending new people into your children's lives
  • Respecting your ex-partner as a parent to your child

This online parenting class gives you complete freedom to log in and out to complete the class. No schedule, no driving to class, no hassle.

Anyone is welcome to take this parenting class. Whether you are a single parent, married couple, blended family, partners in raising your children making time to attend a live class is inconvenient. We bring a quality parenting class to you in the privacy of your own home.